Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stitchin' in PJs

I have been on a stitching kick lately. Maybe it is because my sock I was knitting is now back to being a ball of yarn, and my quilt that I was working on is taking FOR-EV-ER, and I have been spoiled with quick ones lately.

Or maybe, it is because I am just having too much fun making quirky things. We are doing a free demo for National Quilting Day on March 21 at the store. I decided I wanted to do something Easter-y, and something that used wool. Here is a sneak peek. I can't give it all away, it is supposed to be a surprise for customers.

Then I have been doodling cartoon fiber animals for an idea I had. They will pop up here again soon. This is my alpaca. My TWO legged alpaca, and he is staying that way!

I love stitching, especially when I can wear PJ's, unfortunately, right now I can't. I don't have my stitchin' buddy here, either.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am back!

Looks like I didn't live up to my goal of a post a week already. Last week was busy....too busy watching geese.

I finished, well almost finished, my new knitting/project bag. I love it! I just have to slipstitch the opening, and sew on one more piece of velcro. Oh yeah, and wash off all the marker. It is a little floppier than anticipated, but, once I fill it, it will be perfect!

On to new projects, I am in Thimble Blossoms mode. If you haven't heard of Thimble Blossoms check out her blog here. Her patterns are simply adorable! We are going to do the Domestic Diva as a class at the store and I almost, finished the sample, well I finished the oven mitt.

I used Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Bijoux line. I really wish they made 5 inch squares. That would have saved most of the time it took to piece together, leave it to me to make things more difficult.
Keeping in Thimble Blossoms mode (did I tell you I LOVE her patterns?), I am starting the Wild Thing quilt. I started cutting out my I didn't learn my lesson....
This may be my favorite quilt, ever, when it is done! I have to figure out what ric-rac I am going to use and what borders but this is a start. Okay I am off to sew away some car trouble frustration.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Small Break from Quilting

This week has had me slammed with paperwork and longarm-ing. However, I have still made some time to get a little done, not much.

I finished the Bo Peep Skirt. It turned out really cute and it was pretty simple.

Next, I want to make this sewing/knitting bag. I need a bigger bag them my current basket. The pattern is Butterick's. I decided to use the Amy Butler August Fields line because it is home decorator weight and will be nice and sturdy. This project might take more time than anticipated, what's new. Here are the fabrics I chose...
On to more paperwork stuff...maybe tomorrow I can sew...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Everyone Wants A Log!

The Amy Butler Log Cabin quilt is almost done! I just have to add some borders. I like to add borders after I get the blocks done and sewn together, if I can. This isn't always possible, but to me, it is a better way to pick borders.

I would highly recommend the strip method of sewing your log cabin blocks, it is quick, easy and so fast!

My strips turned into this:
Add more and more and more and you get this, finished blocks:
And on to the almost final product:
I love this quilt! I am thinking of adding a small border of the center square, and a larger border in the darkest color. No matter how I sew Amy Butler fabrics together, I am more than pleased.

I think I may be addicted to Log Cabins now...I am onto another, this time in more traditional not so bright fabrics...I may have to make some kits of these!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeling Productive...

One of my goals for the New Year was to start a more personalized blog that shows specifically projects that I am working on. Almost everyday, customers come into the store (I own Sew Swanky in Cedar City, there is a blog for the store here) and want to know what we are working on. This will be a fun way for me to keep track of all I am doing, and will give me some motivation to get stuff done! Otherwise, the whole world (meaning all of those people who happen upon here), will know about all my UFO's.

This post will be long, so be warned...and to think, this is just what I have started this week!

We recently received the Anna Maria Horner book, Seams to Me, and I had to make something right away! I decided to do the Bo Peep Skirt for Kim's little girl out of Amy Butler's Daisy Chain. I love it! I just need to add elastic.

Next, I find it weird that as a quilter I have never actually made a true log cabin quilt. So I decided to do that, again the fabric are Daisy Chain by Amy Butler. The book, is Quilt in a Day Log Cabin by Eleanor Burns. Love her methods! I think I can actually get this done in a day!
Also, I have started a class sample. We have this great variegated cashmere yarn by Jade Sapphire, and being cashmere is kinda pricey. So I decided to make a cowl, one skein, some lacy stitches, and some circular needles and voila (I am at the halfway point and I did this last night watching TV..) This will be a March Class at Sew Swanky.
And finally, I finished a project. This is off to my Grandma. I know this is project overload but I was not sure where to start. Stay tuned to see the finished products.